Thank you for showing the moral courage that you displayed at the ZBA at the 26th of February meeting. Thank you for having the intellect to read and understand the overwhelming proof that our group entered into the record. And, most importantly, Thank You for doing the right thing for the neighbourhood, for the Town Of Dartmouth, for the Early Learning Center and for Adriance.


For everyone concerned that AT&T will just consider the denial of their special permit a minor obstacle to be overcome, we fully expect that AT&T will unleash their usual hyperbole and techno babble as they appear at the Dartmouth Historical Comission meeting on Monday the 9th of March at 6:30 pm, and we recommend that you ask your friends and neighbours to attend and to have your voices heard.

The process with Massachusetts Historical Comission and the Dartmouth Historical Commission is a separate process. The focus is on aesthetics and historic integrity. We cannot let Atty Pare get what he wants through this other opening. We need a huge turnout for this meeting.

The DHC office is on the third floor in between entrances to the SB meeting room.

This is not the end, but hopefully, it is the beginning of the end.


This site was created as a community service to communicate, inform, and encourage opposition to a proposed cell tower on the Concordia property at 300 Gulf Road, Dartmouth. Please attend the ZBA hearing at Town Hall, January 26th, 6:15 PM. We have collected over 500 signatures already. Add you name to the list now.

At the January 26th meeting, we intend to ask the ZBA to read a document into the record. Please click on the "Documents" link below to download this document.

The document explains in plain English why there is no coverage gap and explains 5 key facts that should allow the ZBA to deny the application without fear of a Federal lawsuit.



Key Considerations

Contact Stuart MacGregor, President of Concordia, to let him know there are more appropriate locations for a cell tower.

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